Tattoo Business Technology

for Your Shop Operations

Calendar for All Tattoo Business Needs

Whether you are a Tattoo Shop Owner or an Individual Artist, the Markd calendar will work for you and your team. Change your availability anytime and reschedule appoints when needed.


Easy duplication of tattoo appointments for bigger projects


View in Day, Weekly, Monthly or just your Scheduled Appointments

Digital Tattoo Waiver Form

Every client needs to sign a waiver before getting tattooed. Switch from paper to digital, and make everyone’s lives easier. Easily check that a waiver has been sent and signed before starting the tattoo.


All signed waivers are saved to the cloud for easy accessibility


Upload a variety of Tattoo Waivers depending on the age, language or location of your Studio.

Ink Registration Tool

In a number of countries you are required by law to keep track of which ink is used for each tattoo. With Markd it’s easier than ever to upload the needed information into the system, and easily mark the ink used for a tattoo with our straightforward tech solution..


Alerts when an ink is close to expiration


Clients see what ink was used


No physical product Required

tattoo shop team

Manage Team   

Permissions & Guest Artists

Whether it’s you, a team, or you have multiple locations, we make it easy for everyone to see what is most relevant to them. Have a variety of Guest Artists coming through? We have you covered. Bringing technology to the tattoo industry is our main objective.

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